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Moving Insurance

There are a variety of costs associated with a move and most moving companies will provide a free written estimate. Estimates are typically based on shipment weight and length of travel. Professional moving companies are required by federal law to provide some level of insurance; however, additional insurance can be purchased. Basic liability insurance results in a standard coverage of about $.60 per pound per item. Thus, a 100 pound item would create a liability for the mover on that item of $60. With declared value protection or actual cash value insurance, the value of the goods is pre-determined by the owner of the goods, and the mover is liable for this declared value, or the purchase price less depreciation. If all the items are lost or stolen, the mover’s liability would be the total pre-determined worth of the goods as stated in the moving agreement. Moving companies can take up to 120 days after receipt of any complaint to make a decision about paying on the claim.

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