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Personal Conduct

Covenants may address personal conduct, particularly concerning dress codes when entering common areas, such as swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. Drunk or disorderly conduct, entering another’s property unannounced, or disturbing the peace may also be prohibited in particular covenants.

Miscellaneous covenants may address or prohibit other activities or issues that tangentially touch on personal conduct. These topics may also be addressed under appearance and maintenance covenants. Storing or working on disabled or older, broken-down vehicles in one’s yard, or keeping a backdoor floodlight (or front door light) may be prohibited, even though they impinge on a resident’s right to his own use and enjoyment of his property. The legal concept relied upon to enforce such covenants is the argument that the proscribed activities also impinge upon neighboring properties and the use and enjoyment of them as well. Since residents voluntarily agree to covenants, their conduct can be thus restricted.

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