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Parking is governed by local laws and ordinances and typically enforced by the local municipality. If a car is parking in a no-parking zone, fire lane, or parked unlawfully in any manner, a citizen can simply call the local parking enforcement authorities and have the vehicle ticketed and/or towed. A car parking on private property without permission can be considered abandoned and can be towed away by order of the property owner; however, unless the property owner has some arrangement with the towing company, a charge will likely be assessed at the time of the tow. Broken cars or unsightly recreational vehicles parked on any property may violate a provision of the zoning code or perhaps Homeowner’s Association rules. If not, and the vehicle is parked either on a neighbor’s property or a public street, not much can be done to remedy the matter other than convincing the neighbor that such items detract from the neighborhood. There must be a written agreement to enforce any agreement for sharing maintenance and/or towing expenses for a shared driveway.

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